Sullivan House (paperback)

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Release date: January 4, 2018


Blinded by greed, Patrick seeks a legendary treasure buried inside the walls of an 187h-century mansion—until the house unleashes daemons in retribution. Trapped with no escape, he must face the darkness buried deep within his soul before he can hope to quell the evil that is Sullivan House.

Through blackened windows, its unblinking eyes—the soul of the Sullivan House—stares, dark and sinister . . . and alive.

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2 reviews for Sullivan House (paperback)

  1. Marti

    “The Sullivan House delivers a disturbing conveyance of justice, retribution and revenge through the hands of the supernatural.” (M. Melville)

  2. Teresa L Carol

    There are books that challenge your beliefs and have you discussing with your friends what they believe. Sullivan House is such a book. I found myself reflecting on the book and asking myself some uneasy questions. It moved quickly from one situation to another begging me to discover exactly what I know to be true and what I’ve been told. It would be a fabulous movie and I hope to revisit the Sullivan House one day, preferably, only through the eyes of the characters.

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